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Burst pipes and frozen pipes can cause leaks very quickly. When that happens you will need to ring a plumber as quickly as you can. We cover the Greater Belfast area and also Lisburn, and Newtownabbey. When something like this happens we understand that your initial reaction is to panic.

After all you are worried about damage to your home and just getting someone there as quickly as you can. Feel free to call me 24/7 and we will get to you very quickly. Just call the number below.

07702 342 221

In the meantime do the following depending on your plumbing emergency:

Plumbing Emergency Tips - Water Pipes

Try to figure out where your main's water stopcock is. Usually it is located under the sink in the kitchen. If you have a Utility Room it could also be in there. Always try to know where this is just in case you ever have such an emergency. Experience tells me that 2 out of 3 people do know, but that means around 30% have no idea.

If the water is leaking through a ceiling, then once you have turned the stopcock off, it is time to turn on any taps which will drain the main water tank in the house. That sill help stop the leak quickly until we get there. Use as many buckets or containers as you can find to catch any dripping water.

Plumbing Emergency Tips - Electricity

As you know electric and water just do not mix. If you have a leak in the ceiling then always turn off your electric at the mains. Water in a ceiling will run to the middle and that is where the ceiling rose is located. It can also run down walls and into light switches and sockets. Turning off the mains will make sure that you minimise any damage.

Plumbing Emergency Tips - Ceilings Starting to Bulge

Sometimes you will see a bulge from the water gathering in the ceiling above. If you have found the stopcock and turned on the taps, then this will help a lot. Entire ceilings can come down when a leak happens. That can cause a lot of damage to your home and end up costing you a fortune. Try to minimise that damage.

Get a couple of buckets and place them under the bulging ceiling. Make a few small holes in the ceiling and allow the water to escape that way. Please be careful doing this as when water is accumulated the ceiling is weakened and may crack.

If the entire ceiling has bulged heavily we would recommend staying out and waiting for us to arrive. A ceiling like this is dangerous and if it fell, could cause you a lot of personal injury.

07702 342 221

Plumbing Emergency Tips - Heating Emergencies

Sometimes you just don't know if the problem is coming from a water pipe of a heating pipe. If you have followed the steps we have shown above, then there is honestly very little more that you can do. If you suspect that it may be coming from your heating system or heating pipes, then really all you can do is switch the boiler off.

Many of these are placed on automatic settings, so make sure just to switch it off completely.

Dealing With the Aftermath of Flooding or Leaks

Once we have solved the problem for you there is always the aftermath to deal with. Depending on how much damage has been done, then you may want to claim off your Insurance Company. One great tip is to take as many pictures as you can. They are very helpful at demonstrating what damage has happened.

Don't forget you could have both building damage and content's damage so you may need to call two different insurance companies. Many Insurance companies will send out someone to check so keep everything until they have arrived.

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