Frozen Pipes 

Frozen Pipes Repair in Belfast

Here at the Emergency Plumber Belfast we get called out to fix frozen pipes almost every winter.

The main problem with a frozen pipe or pipes is that they can burst as the ice can expand the pipes, and they can then burst if there are any weak pints (usually at joints)

Sometime what can also happen is the ice expands and can block the pipe line. This can then create an internal pressure and that will cause a burst. Water damage from breaking or leaking pipes may lead to severe damage in the home.

The big problem for many home owners is trying to identify a frozen pipe quickly enough before anything happens.

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Where Do Frozen Pipes Usually Happen in Homes?

We are pretty lucky in Belfast as we don't get what are called severe winters. There are not really continual sub-degree temperatures for us to worry about. We do however suffer from cold snaps. Depending on how well your pipes are lagged and how well your home is heated will almost dictate if you are going to have a problem with any frozen pipes.

There are well known "trouble spots" around most houses in the Belfast area. These are the pipes most affected by extremely cold temperatures and as such are prone to freeze. They include those in unheated crawl spaces, outside walls and particularly below sinks found along an outside wall. 

In fact this pipe around the kitchen sink area is by far the most common.

Can You Fix Frozen Pipes Yourself?

The biggest problem for most home owners is knowing if the problem is actually a frozen pipe in the first place. It isn't always that easy to know for sure. We found a very good video which will help you take the right steps.

  • Step 1 - Turn off the water using your stop tap which is usually under the kitchen sink
  • Step 2 - Leave the taps on to allow any thawed water to pass through them
  • Step 3 - Get some towels or old cloths and then fill up a hot water bottle or a container
  • Step 4 - Wrap the suspected pipes in the towels and slowly thaw them using the heat from the hot water bottle
  • Step 5 - Once thawed you can then turn the water back on and check that the water is flowing freely
  • Step 6 - Lag your pipes to prevent this from happening again

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You can also give us a call and we can do this quickly and efficiently for you.

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