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The Emergency Plumber Belfast offer a full range of toilet and installation repairs in Belfast. One of our most common repairs is to fix a blocked toilet. These can often be on a daily basis. Don't be embarrassed to call as we get this type of phone call every single day. A faulty or blocked toilet can cause inconvenience to the whole family's life, so do not hesitate if you have any toilet issue.

Why do Toilets Get Blocked?

We could quite honestly give you a list of reasons as long as your arm. In most cases it is not just one thing like a child putting a toy down the toilet. It is much more likely to be a build up of things over time.

The water inside your toilet bowl comes from the cistern in the toilet. The toilet bowl is connected to the drain by an S-shape pipe, and you will see it curve up behind the bowl and down to the drain. When the toilet is flushed, the waste water in the bowl is forced through the trap into the main drain.

If this waste pipe has any type of blockage, then the water does not get away, and simply fills the bowl with waste. Yes, we know that does not look that good, but it does happen. Give us a call and we can get this fixed quickly.

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Unblocking Soil Pipes

Often, the toilet itself is not actually blocked. It could be the soil pipe. Soil pipes run from the bathroom, and from any sinks and into the main drain. Their main purpose is to remove all waste from baths, sinks, and toilets. Over time build up of different types of waste can eventually block, or partially block these soil or waste pipes.

The first tell tale signs are that water will drain slowly such as a slow-draining toilet. You may also experience some unpleasant odours emanating from the drains.

Most soil pipes run down the side of your property, from the toilet down to an under ground drain. These are mainly made from cast iron and are quite large pipes. They are also very hard to access.

Newer homes will have plastic pipes, and they should have a cleaning eye, which does make the job a lot easier. You will need something like a snake tool, toilet jack or electric eel to remove the blockage.

This type of work is not for the feint hearted, so be warned. We do this work on a regular basis and know exactly what to look for to get the problem fixed quickly.

Unblocking Drains

Likewise, a blocked toilet could also be a drain issue. Pipes from washing machines, sinks and the gutters are also fed into the drains. You normally find most of these at the back of your home, and at the front there is usually one for the gutters. These can also get blocked, and will start to spill over. Usually the problem is noticed when the drains start to empty very slowly.

The problem is, that without a drain cover they get blocked up with leaves. They can also get blocked with whatever comes out through your kitchen and bathroom sink, including the washing machine waste.

This is another unpleasant job to do. The drain cover needs to be lifted, and then the gulley pipe cleaned out by hand. After that the drain needs to be checked for any blockage and that needs to be removed.

We do all of this type of work, and it is easier for us as we have all the right tools and equipment.

Ways to Prevent Blocked Toilets

There are a few simple things that you can do to help stop your toilet from getting blocked up. The main cause is usually large volumes of paper and other things like hair. Avoid flushing paper such as paper towels, wet wipes, larger tissues etc. If brushing your hair in a bathroom, avoid cleaning your brush and then throwing those hairs into the loo to flush away. It's better to put any hair into a bin.

Blocked toilets can overflow, and that can cause water damage to floors underneath. So just be careful of what gets flushed away, a it can easily come back to haunt you.

If you have a blocked toilet, before you call us, it is always worthwhile trying a plunger. Sometimes that will work really well and you can save yourself some money. Plungers are always a handy thing to have around the house, and quite often a simple plunge will do the trick.

Just be careful though, as constant flushing may cause the toilet bowl to overflow, and you could end up with a major mess to clean up.

Need a New Toilet?

Sometimes a toilet does get past the point of rescue, or you may simply fancy a change. There are lots of newer style toilets that are better designed for comfort and for a much better appearance. Many times we have simply replaced a broken toilet seat which alone can make a huge difference.

In these modern days, there are plenty of really good options, so why not give us a call, and find out what is available today.


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